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Sky Pond

The rental property for you to host uniquely personal and professional small gatherings.

Conveniently located to "get away" without having to go far, the property at Sky Pond welcomes you. Adjacent to Jordan Lake (Bells Area) NC, the sun sets upon a Tobacco barn cabin nestled steadily at the base of tall pines. A meditative walking trail around a pond....cozy campfire corner....indoor studio space and comfortable living area support multiple opportunities to grow, play, reconnect and recharge. The stage is set for us to depart feeling more relaxed, connected, renewed and clear-headed.

Teach. Learn. Play. Grow.

Appropriate for gatherings of up to 20 people, or some time in quiet contemplation with the Self, there is space both indoors and outdoors to be inspired.

Step Outside To Go Within

Restoring personal balance can be achieved by being active or by taking rest;
both are fostered here.


Are you a wellness practitioner, teacher or leader seeking a location to host your next workshop or teambuilding event? With a transformable studio space to meet your functional needs, and comfortable areas to reflect and recharge, you can offer your participants an experience to be immersed in. Folding tables, folding chairs, and lawn chairs are on site and ready!


Everyone sleeps better after some time in fresh air! Pack in lunch with family or friends and stay a while. Enjoy a stroll around the pond, a seat by the fire, some puzzles or board games, the rhythm of the rocking chairs and the time to reconnect. Spending the day at Jordan Lake? Make this your home away from home for reprieve from the heat or the cold!abin living space features a microwave, refrigerator; one and a half bath.


Whether upstairs in the cabin's studio space, outside within the front porch's shade, or spreading your wings in the grass by the pond, there is no shortage of open space to connect with your movement practice (Yoga...Tai Chi...Pilates... Dance...). NOTE: The loft is most comfortably suitable for 10 yoga mats / the porch for 5. Yoga mats, blocks, straps, blankets, bolsters and eye pillows are available on-site for 12.


Get those kids outside!! There is so much to explore in the nature of woods, water, sky (and occasional snow!). Cultivate curiosity, confidence and learning as lead by the landscape; then paint, color or write about your experience to follow. This is a great location for birthday party gatherings of all ages....dream big and make memories

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Learn more to about the amenities included with your property rental at Sky Pond.

Business Hours

Sky Pond is opened 7 days a week (8am - 9pm) and tours are available on non-rental days. A visit to the property is the best source for inspiration and to explore what's possible; book your timeslot via the reservations page. We look forward to seeing you soon...

  • Monday - Sunday

    08:00am – 09:00pm


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